Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Birthday Without Breaking the Bank

Earlier this week was my roommate's boyfriend's birthday. She was excited to celebrate with him and and took over the kitchen to make him a Funfetti cake. Late last week her main concern was where to take him for dinner. There are many nice places in Peoria that are perfect for birthday celebrations, but I didn't hesitate to recommend Alexander's Steakhouse.

Last fall Robbie, my boyfriend, wanted steak on his birthday. While we could have gone to Texas Roadhouse for inexpensive but decent steak, we decided to drive out to Alexander's Steakhouse. Being a steak house, I knew dinner at Alexander's was going to be on the pricer side but I was willing to spend the price to celebrate a birthday.
Sitting down with the menu I found the first bonus of the night: the Early Bird Menu. Because we were getting dinner before 6 p.m. we were able to order from the Early Bird Menu. This menu features some of the  popular items on the menu for a few dollars less than the regular dinner menu. I was already excited because I was able to save a few dollars.

But it gets better, while sifting through the menu I found a box hidden on the back page detailing a special deal for birthday guests. For guests who dine on their actual birthday, there is up to 20 dollars discount off your bill (depending on how many people are in your party), a free dessert AND a souvenir photo. I'm not sure about you, but I have never been to a restaurant, let a lone a steakhouse, who honored it's birthday guests so much! Sometimes there is a free dessert or a song, but I have never gotten a special birthday discount.  For Alexander's, this meal was a steal.

If you are having a hard time deciding where to go for your next birthday celebration, I'd recommend taking advance of this special birthday deal. And don't forget to go to Jimmy's on Farmington Rd. for a free after dinner birthday drink!


  1. I've never been to Alexander's, but everyone who has tells me it's fantastic! Birthdays are really important to me, so I like to do something special too. We usually go to Jimmy's for free drinks but never know what to do for dinner. For my birthday, we went out to Osaka for sushi and they kind of do a similar thing. I didn't get a discount, but they gave me a chef's hat that they decorated and wrote "Happy Birthday, Taylor" on and took my picture while eating the pineapple desert they gave me. However, they printed two copies of the picture: one for me to take home and one to put on their wall of birthdays. It was a nice touch and we had a great time!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is so good to know! I always thought was Alexander's was pricey, and only go there when my parents come to visit. It is my roommates birthday next week, and I am going to show her this so it can be an option. What a great deal! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Funny story - my brother-in-law went to Alexander's to celebrate his birthday one year, and forgot his driver's license so he couldn't get the discount!

    I think they also do student discounts on Sundays. If you show a student i.d. you get a good deal on a meal. I don't remember what exactly, but totally worth looking into!