Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From Trash to Cash

Even with all of the rain that has blown through Peoria in the past week, I am confident that nice spring weather is on the way. With spring, comes change. For seniors graduating, big changes are on the horizon.

I remember this time of year when I was a sophomore, two years ago. I was eager to move out of my sorority house and into an off-campus house with four other roommates. It was going to be an exciting adventure and I couldn't wait to finally have my own room. One thing I was particularly worried about was finding (and affording) furniture to fill our off-campus house. I had never rented my own housing before and I never had to accumulate furniture for living spaces. Not only that, but any random furniture my parents had lying around was passed on to my brother years before.

Instead of going straight to Bed, Bath and Beyond, I raided the houses of girls who were graduating from my sorority. Many were moving out of state or back home and didn't want transport some of the larger items they owned. I managed to find some great pieces including a couple of lamps, dishes and a nightstand and dresser.

Of the many things the girls were able to sell or give away, not all items were worn down and overused. In fact, the majority of items were fairly new. While the girls didn't make a large profit from their sales, I greatly benefited. I was able to fill my room, and several areas of the house for cheap.

For those who are moving into off-campus houses I would highly suggest asking upperclassmen about items they are looking to rid of before hitting the mall. Same with those who are graduating. If you will need furniture to complete a new apartment, what better place to look than the houses of your neighbors and friends.

If you're looking to lighten your load, rather than build it, don't hesitate to sell your items. Whether it be a lamp, a set of plastic cups or even an old vacuum cleaner, you might as well make some money before tossing it to the trash.

In these next few weeks I'll be pulling out several items to sell to underclassmen I know and I know many people will be doing the same.

Happy moving!

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